COMMUNICATION: Please communicate appropriately at all times. Like clothes, words don't necessarily make the man, but they sure tell a lady a lot about him. Polite introductions, even especially interesting and colorful communication that demonstrates a genuine interest in getting to know me, can be like an aphrodisiac! It goes without saying that I do not respond to inappropriate communication, and subsequent inappropriate communication will abruptly halt our relationship. Please do not ever discuss my "services" over the phone or on messages.


HONORARIUM:Please take care of the business aspect of our rendezvous within a few minutes after meeting. If in public, please hand my honorarium in an unsealed greeting card envelope without fanfare or verbal exchange. Please feel comfortable about this. It is common for men to hand women cards, such as birthday or anniversary cards. If we meet at your place, my preference is for you to leave it in the bathroom in plain sight, again, in a plain, unsealed envelope.Please be respectful of my time. Alas, parting is such sweet sorrow. Our time together is always too short. But, our arrangement is for a specific duration. Please respect that I will act according to the terms of that arrangement...

HEALTH & SAFETY: Please never suggest I compromise my health and safety standards. You chose me, in part, for being like-minded, and that includes being safety and health conscious. Taking precautions provides us both with mental well-being and a worry-free rendezvous. Please remember that cleanliness is next to godliness. You will find that being an exemplar of excellent personal hygiene will make me want to get and stay close to you. To be otherwise will dampen what could be a lovely encounter between the two of us. Please consum.e alcohol appropriately. I am happy to have a drink with you, but I will not partake of or be witness to any illegal substance or activity. If you do not arrive sober, or if you consume excessively while on our date, I will leave immediately, and we will not continue our relationship


THE EXPERIENCE: Please feel free to relax and be yourself. Experienced and established friend understand that the relationship between patron and companion can be, indeed, should be, one of depth and complexity, and can encompass all the various asures associated with relating to and enjoying being with another human being. Newer and less experienced friends should understand that the experience is one of wonderful, exciting mutual give and take, of ebb and flow it's not an athletic event. You have pleased me, now it's my turn to pleasure you. It is not about "performance;" it is about freedom and enjoyment. The wonderful thing about established patrons is that intimacy gets better and better as we get better and better at being together. It is absolutely the best part of being a companion! I look forward to growing better and better with you!


DISCRETION:Please treat our time together with discretion, as I will. The time we spend together is our own exclusive, private world, one that is unique and special to the two of us. If you don't understand why this will be so, then perhaps I am not the companion for you. It is for our enjoyment only. We both have personal lives, careers, families, and friends. I will always respect and protect your privacy, and I will always treat everything between us with complete and total confidentiality. I expect you to extend the same courtesy to me. If our paths should ever cross in public, you can expect me to be a total stranger, honoring our private time together