What I offer 

My Definition Of The Girlfriend Experience 

The GFE is everything you desire in a relationship without the every day hassles a relationship requires. It's all the bonuses of a girlfriend. It's the good times and none of the bad times, How would you like to enjoy a girlfriend for a day, a couple days, or a couple meetings a month over the span of a year? Sounds great, right? It's phenomenal!


It's THE experience, and with me it's rarely a one time meeting. It's about getting to know one another, understanding one another and caring for one another over many sessions. It's taking the first encounter and building off each and every meeting. It's about spending time together and getting involved in conversations and creating a comfort level to it's extreme, where Lactually become your most trusted confidante. It's going from having mechanical sex to creating these extraordinary levels of sexual pleasures and developing an intimate rapport that arouses both of us to a point of unparalleled ecstasy.


Take all the good times of a relationship and add the exceptional sexual pleasures and what you get is this ultimate experience of a lifetime. Collecting money and having sex is a transaction. Listening and connecting is an experience. Blurring the line between the two and turning the transaction into an experience is my description of The Girlfriend Experience. Personally I prefer being able to fulfill the role as your girlfriend rather than offering straight sex, getting the chance to know you and sharing more of myself.

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Discreet hour or two arrangements 

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